iZen Appoints Real Lion For Digital Marketing Training Branding

iZen LioniZen Digital is proud to announce that they have appointed a real lion named Lali as the brand ambassador. iZen adopted Lali from Bangalore’s Bannerghatta National Park as part of their social responsibility-cum-branding initiative.

Lali has become the first wild animal in the country to be branded with a logo on it’s body. The park officials took a long time(two months to be precise!) to deliberate on this never-before decision to use a lion’s body as branding base, but they relented after iZen convinced them by bringing in highly skilled tattoo artists from Mumbai and imported equipment from London for this process.

The logo size is designed large enough to allow clear visibility from up to 30 metres. At the moment, iZen has rights to put the branding only on left side of the lion. But, they are confident that officials would allow the branding on both sides after the first 60 days, when we return to re-do the fading colors.

The process itself was quite complex(for our digital understanding:), but luckily Bob’s tattoo team of three knew their stuff.  To create the logo, our team reached Bannerghatta Park early at 7am, so that by afternoon we can be back to enjoy the India-Pakistan semi-final match at office.

With the help of park personnel, Lali was put on mild anaesthesia for an hour, while two tattoo guys used a laser gun to burn the hair on left just a bit to create the embossed logo outline. An astringent was used to clean the area of burnt hair, ash and dirt. After drying it for 15 mins, special hair colours -as in our logo blue & green – were painted in exact dimensions provided. This took almost half an hour! In the final stage, a special chemical treatment was followed by blow drying, which is claimed to make these colors last for 60 days. Luckily, Lali woke up much later after we had finished our work!

On an weekend outing two months back at Bannerghatta National Park, we came to know about them facing cash crunch for past few years, finding it difficult to sustain the maintenance of many wild animals. Their animal adoption scheme targeted at corporates had found few takers. iZen was looking for a novel idea to promote their comprehensive digital marketing training including, search, social media, email and mobile marketing. So, we decided to sponsor a lion, with a branding twist.

Lali has been adopted for a period of one year initially, which is extensible for 6 months provided park officials agree. We express our heartfelt thanks to the park personnel and Bob’s team for their awesome support.

Update: Thanks a lot for your animal-loving comments. But, this was our April Fool joke! We’re hard-core wild animal-lovers ourselves, and wouldn’t do anything remotely close to the above story – neither the park officials would allow such a thing :)

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9 Responses to iZen Appoints Real Lion For Digital Marketing Training Branding

  1. Andy Rhodes says:

    Awesome idea, why didn’t this occur to me first? This combines social good and visible branding in one package. Let me call our local zoo! thanks for the idea, folks

  2. Rob says:

    hey, I like the idea – but won’t the animal lick the colors? I hope you have thought of it.

  3. Ismail Ghani says:

    Just saw this on twitter- quite cool n innovative branding. so, real lions can be branded in india – wud do well for Project Tiger too… btw, what did you guys pay to get this moving?

  4. Stella says:

    innovative? you call this innovative? cool too? I have just finished reading a pathetic story of animal cruelty. the park officials must be morons to agree to such a thing.

    • Martin says:

      @stella, I second your thought. this is ridiculous. How can a National park allow such moronism to happen under their noses? Is the PETA local sleeping in india

  5. Nirmala Dhanraj says:

    Can’t believe this is happening in India! Rob’s right – won’t the lion lick the colors(harmful chemicals??) and fall ill for these jerks?

  6. Jeff Catalano says:

    is this for real? if you guys got it right with the colors that last for 60 days – this really is cool, if it doesn’t affect the animal’s health, of course)
    why are y’all refering to the lion – isn’t it a lioness in the pic??

  7. Prasad ES says:

    just because lioness is in captivity with bannerugatta Zoo, “The official morons” that does not mean that lioness can be used for any damn thing, then that is not called national biological park its called circus. Please try to be human ! i do not even think brand owners are interested in tattooing their brands on their own body. Who hell are you have rights to tattoo in wild animal.
    This is atrocious & inhuman, totally unacceptable.

    • admin says:

      You’re absolutely right – totally unacceptable – luckily this was our April Fool prank!

      Note: The only part true in the above story – Bannerghatta National Park ‘really’ has an animal adoption plan running. Please contribute to this in any way possible.