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Top Online Channels To Grow

When a potential customer searches online (such as on Google, Yahoo or Bing) for a product or service, your business website should rank as high as possible on Page ONE – else risk remaining unseen among the millions of other search results. When your website ranks in the top 10 of search results, you could get very targeted website visitors with high chance of conversion. People search when they are somewhere in the buying cycle.
In the past few years, we have witnessed rise of community themed websites, which came to be referred as ‘social media’. There are many variants such as personal and professional networks, blogs, photo and video sharing etc attracting millions of users globally every single day. You need to create your business presence and regularly update relevant content to engage your target audience on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube.
Even after all these years, email continues to lead as the most used app online. With the onset on mobile internet, the number of email subscribers is surely going to the roof. With increasing email spam control measures, your business has to create a clear process to add opted-in email subscribers. The email marketing apps also help grow the list, track the opens, clicks and conversions – to help you grow your business faster than past year.
There is enormous growth in the number of mobile devices such as, smartphones and tablets during the past 3 years. With the 3G and 4G roll-outs by major mobile operators, slow internet is surely going to be a thing of the past. Declining prices of mobile devices and internet is leading to faster internet adoption. Your business can start on a mobile strategy with a mobile responsive website, and highly target-able ads and call tracking on mobile.

Step 1: Analyze

Analyze your current website and online channels to find the gaps which keep your conversions (i.e. online sales or leads) low. This step would prepare the base, on which we chart out the plan for growth.

Step 2: Action

We create the plan of action to improve the online conversions, across all top online channels – search engines, social media, email and mobile. We tap everything that can help grow your conversions.

Step 3: Accelerate

Our ‘Continuous Conversion Improvement'(CCI) process will find and grow the hidden sources for conversion growth. You can finally stop worrying about search ranking and traffic, and focus on conversion growth.

Step 4: Measure RoI

Your campaign fee comes back to you as online sales or leads, which can directly add to revenue growth. Our focus on ‘100% Pay for Performance’ will help you find the lowest cost per conversion.

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