About Us

Introducing iZEN Online Business Accelerator – the program where the right learning leads to action to grow any business online!

With an ever-increasing number of customers moving online, every business is trying hard to improve their online presence & marketing on top four online channels – Search Engines, Social Media, Email & Mobile. Due to enormous growth and fast-changing nature of these channels, businesses find it difficult to run online campaigns in-house or hire experienced professionals.

At iZEN, we offer a fully-integrated digital marketing course which covers all four major channels. We empower your staff to grow firm’s business online with real online strategies that are proven to work.

What’s Special About Online Business Accelerator?
– In-house or In-source – we stand by your team
– All 4 major channels – search, social media, mobile & email
– Train with experts who have been there & done that
– Only 20% theory, and 80% action plan
– Bring your business website & improve right in the training
– Post training online support for one full year

The iZEN way of training is very practical-oriented with real business projects to work on, which makes learning & understanding concepts a breeze. We don’t just explain about top rankings or traffic growth steps, but more importantly – look at the big picture on how to convert this traffic into revenue for your business.

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