Do It Yourself

You want to grow your business online. You want to lower the cost in running online campaigns. You want to run the campaigns in-house for complete control. Most times, the weak link in this great plan is under-skilled staff. Well-trained staff can lower the long term cost to grow business online.

But, having staff enthusiasm is just not enough – they need the right training to understand the intricacies of each online channel.

Introducing, the iZen Online Business Accelerator Program!

Our team has 10 years experience in online marketing. After working with 34 small to mid-size clients in the past year, we came up with this winning program of world-class online marketing training.

With increasing business now happening via online channels, it is of utmost importance for businesses to improve their online presence on top search engines, social media, email and mobile channels.

What’s Covered in Online Business Accelerator Training?

We help your staff to understand and implement action steps on all these major channels to grow their online sales/leads faster…
– On & Off-page search engine optimization
– Local Media Optimization
– Social Media Marketing
– Mobile Marketing
– Email Marketing
– Reputation Management
– Conversions, Tracking & Analytics

“My firm has great staff which can be trained on this program”

Empowering your current staff with the right training can help you keep costs low in the long run. Your staff would love you when you get them trained in online business growth.

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