Get It Done

Growing your business online is a strategic decision and needs to be a long term plan. Some businesses find outsourcing the online campaigns at a low cost, as an enticing option. Their focus is on running campaigns rather than the results from such campaigns. This is the reasons most outsourcing of online campaigns fail to sustain over long term.

The solution is for businesses to know ‘insourcing’ – take back control of your campaign and the deliverable.

How is Insourcing different from Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization at a domestic or foreign location.

Insourcing is a business decision made to maintain or regain control by bringing back critical processes internally to reduce costs.

Your business must have control on each activity that contributes towards online growth. Growing your business online might look tough or high cost – but with the right team on your side, you would find the going smooth.

Introducing iZen Online Business Accelerator Program!

We hand-hold you into the online space, and show you all the growth options across the top online channels. Our fanatic focus on conversions will help you stay focused on the deliverable from the campaign while lowering your cost drastically. Start with iZen managing your campaigns, and once your team gains confidence, we can train them to take control. That’s smart in-sourcing in action.

Choose from two great plans based on your specific business need…

“My firm would prefer a fully-managed program”

Your staff possibly is busy on other important things. We can fully manage your online campaigns on top channels – search, social media, email and mobile, at a fixed monthly campaign fee.

Go for Platinum Plan

“My firm would prefer 100% Pay for Performance program”

You want the Platinum Plan but with a performance guarantee. Our Gold Plan covers all the top online channels and assures online sales/leads growth with a 100% pay-for-performance guarantee.

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