Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
We all have noticed the enormous growth in the number of mobile phones/subscribers in India during the past 5 years. With the 3G roll-out by many major mobile operators, slow internet is surely going to be a thing of the past. It’s estimated that India’s current 80 million broadband subscriber count would be overtaken by mobile internet in just 2 years.

Our mobile marketing program provides a clear picture on how to go about implementing a marketing plan for your business on mobile. Mobile marketing can help bring you closer to your customer with personalised service and product offers.

1.82 billion smartphones and internet-equipped handsets would be in use worldwide in three years – more than the estimated 1.78 billion PCs that will be in use in this period.
(Gartner Research)

What’s covered in the Mobile Marketing?
– Mobile: The Indian & Worldwide market size
– How to create a Mobile marketing plan
– Basics of creating & hosting mobile optimized website
– Mobile search optimization
– Setting up mobile analytics & tracking
– Mobile apps – why and why not
– Bulk SMS/Text broadcast without fear of penalty
– Click-to-Call/call tracking implementation

Mobile is just one channel to help your business grow online faster!
The iZen program also covers search engines, social media and email marketing to grow conversions on your business website.

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