Online Business Accelerator

If your business has tried common tactics like top search ranking and traffic – here’s what you have learnt:
– Top search ranking is ‘useless’ with wrong keywords.
– More traffic does NOT mean more revenues.

What works is this…
– Integrate the power of all online channels to grow conversions
– Laser focus on online sales/leads – other metrics are secondary
Whether you run campaigns in-house or outsource, these two points are critical.

The iZEN program covers all major online marketing channels – search, social media, email and mobile marketing – to improve not only your brand visibility, but also your revenues. By training your key staff on online marketing, your business creates a solid foundation for growth.

Inbound marketing focused businesses have a 61% lower cost per lead than businesses focused on outbound marketing.(HubSpot Study)

How Your Business Benefits with iZEN?
– Train your key staff and save on outsourcing this key function
– Regain control over your campaign and deliverables
– Understand all channels and create your next strategy
– Build your brand visibility growth plan
– Setup website analytics and growth metrics to track
– 100% Pay for Performance Guarantee

In brief, we help your business to accelerate your returns from the online channels, with a 100% Pay for Performance guarantee.

The big question for you is, whether…
a. You want to ‘do it yourself
b. You want to ‘get it done